Friday, September 21, 2018

26-Year-Old Narrates How Sylva's Security Adviser 'Assaulted' Her

Image result for 26-Year-Old Narrates How Sylva’s Security Adviser 'Raped' Her      the casualty in the affirmed assault preliminary of Chief Richard Kpodo, a previous Security Adviser to Ex-Governor Timipre Sylva of Bayelsa, on Friday affirmed under the steady gaze of a Bayelsa High Court giving clear records of how she was sexually manhandled.

The 26-year-old (name withheld) affirmed close by her uncle and a restorative specialist, who inspected her on June 9, after she was purportedly assaulted the earlier day.

In her declaration, the casualty said she was welcomed by the denounced to his office in the inn at around 8pm, after which he bolted the entryways and compellingly overwhelmed and assaulted her.

As indicated by the casualty, Kpodo had debilitated that he was the mind behind the 'Fantangbe Security Outfit' under previous Governor Sylva and exhorted her to yield to his requests.

The casualty, while portraying her experience under the watchful eye of the court, broke into tears. The judge needed to suspend the hearing twice to empower the casualty recover poise.

She miserable the charged had been making foul lewd gestures at her, before the episode happened.

She stated: "I was utilized as a clerk and at whatever point I go to submit money to him he contacts me and I revealed it to the business office that helped me land the position, and they prompted me to converse with him to stop it.

"I conversed with him that and he halted for quite a while. He began once more, and that day he bolted up the entryway and mightily engaged in sexual relations [with me]. I yelled and furthermore argued and he said he would not abandon me until the point when he was fulfilled.

"So when he completed, he requesting that I clean myself and bring his nourishment. He didn't utilize a condom and I was harmed. He evacuated my pants and I continued battling with him until the point that he wrapped up.

"I called my uncle who is a policeman and he came and took me home. The following day, we went to answer to the Police and they gave me a therapeutic report shape, which I took to the clinic.

"The healing center led HIV test and endorsed a few medications which I have taken," she casualty said in the midst of wails.

On July 31, 2018, Kpodo was summoned on the allegation of assault at the State High Court 7 in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State capital.

Kpodo was charged on two checks of unlawful confinement and assault of the casualty, a 26-year-old female clerk at the lodging kept running by the blamed.

At the continued preliminary of the assault case, the preliminary judge, Justice E. Eradiri tuned in to the declaration of a restorative specialist who inspected the casualty after she was professedly assaulted.

Dr Ikenna Nwanna, a therapeutic expert from Diete Koko Memorial Hospital, Opolo, Yenagoa told the court that the patient whined of torments in her pubic region and strolled with trouble when she went to the center on June 9, 2018.

"The patient griped that she was assaulted by her manager and I inspected her within the sight of a female medical caretaker, and there were wounds in her vulva and because of the agonies she didn't enable me to contact her vaginal territory.

"There was additionally whitish release which I suspected to be semen, in spite of the fact that I didn't lead any further tests; the perceptions counts with the gripe of savagery rape," Nwanna said.

The protection guide in the assault preliminary, Julius Iyekoroghe, interrogated the three witnesses.

The arraigning counsel, Samuel Arthur, looked for a suspension to empower him call two more observers to affirm for the situation.

The guard guide, who affirmed that he was being scared by the arraigning counsel, educated the court that the indictment had denied his advice access to restorative consideration against the request of the court.

Responding to the claim, the judge, Justice E. Eradiri coordinated that his before arrange allowing access to medicinal consideration for the blamed be consented to.

"There is a subsisting request on allowing the denounced access to medicinal administrations at an administration doctor's facility. My request must be followed and I need the indictment to guarantee that the requests of this court are complied," Eradiri said.

He suspended the case to October 5, 2018 to tune in to the two extra witnesses called by the arraignment.

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