Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Niger Delta Militants Declare Operation Black September For Chevron Facilities

Image result for Niger Delta Militants Declare Operation Black September For Chevron Facilities    Niger Delta activists under the aegis of Niger Delta Musketeers has issued 21 days final proposal to Chevron Nigeria Limited to rename all VTP5/OTP2 and VTP6 students, similarly as they proclaimed "Task Black September" for all Chevron Facilities in the Niger Delta and 21 Days for the Federal Government to execute all PANDEF's 16-Point Agenda and all IOCs to abandon the district.

In an announcement marked for the benefit of the gathering by the Spokesman of Niger Delta Musketeers, Jenekpo Okpookpo expressed that when they told the authority of PANDEF and other basic partners in the Niger Delta when they interceded at the pinnacle of dangers in the district that the hegemonic administrators and plots of the Nigerian Government ought not be assumed that all they needed and will keep on doing was their manipulative affinity to keep on taking charge of the returns of their oil and gas assets, utilize same to rub their inner self to the drawback of their advantage, no one listened.The activists noted in the announcement that following a while of the intercession and the seizure of threats, what do they receive consequently to appear at the expansion in cost of raw petroleum and the amount of barrel of raw petroleum created and sent out every day.

It included that "most shockingly is that each one of the individuals who interceded then stays reserved, all guarantees made at that point were simply lip administrations and the circumstance deteriorates on consistent schedule, even the mandates for all IOCs to be migrated to their proper condition in the Niger Delta was regarded.

"Most humiliating is the ongoing assurance of Chevron Nigeria constrained to lay off a portion of our countrymen subsequent to regarding them as slave workers for more than six years."They guaranteed that the "Task Black September" is expected to ground all Chevron Nigeria Limited activities in all areas in the Niger Delta like the Okan, Meji, Meta, Meren, Abiteye, Opuekeba, Sonam, Agbami FPSO, Chevron Tank Farm, and EGTL gas plant will be grounded to expend different components of severe and exploitative propensities in the region."We are completely tired of the Antics of the Buhari drove Federal Government who appears have surrendered the PANDEF 16-point motivation and the predicaments of the Niger Deltans.

"We are horrified that issues like the setting up of Modular refineries have since been supplanted by the Federal Government with a refinery venture in Katsina. The Ogoni Land Clean up, Ogidigben Gas City Project, and movement of all IOCs central station have all been deserted.

"The ongoing enlistment of more than 300 people by the Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA) with no Niger Deltan utilized is another verification that Niger Deltans are being dealt with as peasants in this country."It is this ceaseless want to subjugate Niger Deltans that have encouraged Chevron Nigeria Limited to keep on treating qualified and all around prepared children and little girls of the Niger Delta as slave workers regardless of the way that the VTP5/OTP2 completed their On-The-Job Learning since 2015, and different students in this sort of preparing in other Chevron Strategic Business units like the Aboriginal Training in Australia and Canada, Regional Occupation Training program in USA, and Settapat Training program in Thailand that began same time with our siblings in these areas have for quite some time been making the most of their compensation as Chevron Staff."We wish to approach every single applicable Embassy particularly those of the USA, Britain, France, Germany and others to as an issue of earnestness pull back their faculty from all IOCs working in the Niger Delta before the lapse of this final offer.

"Give it a chance to be realized that "Task Black September" will be the mother of all activities in the Niger Delta", the announcement cautioned.

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