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Who's next for UFC double champion Daniel Cormier?

   http//    The connection between blended hand to hand fighting and expert wrestling has dependably been uneasy.

Bad-to-the-bone MMA fans swarm at the hybrid of genuine game and its scripted cousin, however this overlooks clear likenesses between the two. The in the background modeler of the UFC's prosperity, previous long-lasting intermediary Joe Silva, grew up viewing Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling, which constructed hotshots like Ric Flair, Roddy Piper, and Ricky Steamboat, and copied the model, short the capacity to pick the victors.

Then again, in-your-face wrestling fans appear to be continually vigilant for approaches to legitimize their diversion, and will regularly strain to discover correlations between the two. In the event that UFC president Dana White was found to eat a sandwich, they'll assert WWE promoter Vince McMahon ate a sandwich to start with, and along these lines White was replicating McMahon.

The in-confine confrontation between UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier and current WWE wrestler and previous UFC heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar following Cormier's first-round knockout triumph over Stipe Miocic at UFC 226 on Saturday night fell some place in the hazy area between the two.

Lesnar's foul tirade in the pen, after which he pushed both a camera and Cormier, was sufficient to annoy the honest sensibilities of bad-to-the-bone MMA fans while likewise enabling wrestling fans to point at a wrestling star's inclusion in a noteworthy brandishing occasion.

Furthermore, that may be only the correct blend of notes to make Lesnar the leader to get the following battle with Cormier.

Dissimilar to Conor McGregor, the main other warrior who held numerous UFC weight-class belts in the meantime, Cormier anticipates safeguarding one — and maybe both — titles in the wake of turning into a double titleholder.

Also, he's put a due date of his 40th birthday celebration, which is on March 20. With the goal that probable means, while holding two titles, he will have, at most, two battles in that traverse.

It likewise implies that he will pursue the greatest conceivable payday, which is the reason Lesnar, regardless of having definitely one battle in the previous seven years, and without an official triumph in eight, is close to the highest priority on the rundown.

Cormier is a wrestling fan going back to the times of Mid-South Wrestling in his initial youth in Louisiana, and he has a message for those self-delegated gatekeepers of brandishing virtue, which incorporate a large number of his kindred contenders.

"You all call it counterfeit on the web," Cormier said at the UFC 226 post-battle news gathering. "I see a group of contenders. 'Gracious, it's so phony, I would prefer not to watch this.' Tune in and continue binding my pockets. You folks gotta get on board. These folks get on the receiver after their battles and say, 'Better believe it, it's whatever the UFC chooses.' OK."

Another alternative would be a third battle with his long-term match, Jon Jones. Jones looked frantic in attempting to stand out enough to be noticed in the prior weeks UFC 226 by making remarks about Cormier's better half on Twitter, and DC gave back where its due by never saying Jones amid his postfight meet.

Be that as it may, there's no uncertainty a last confrontation between the two would likewise be huge business, especially if Cormier included another wrinkle by demanding the battle be held at heavyweight. Both of their initial two sessions were challenged at light heavyweight, and keeping in mind that Cormier was focused in every, he eventually lost both (the second was later upset after Jones failed a post-battle tranquilize test).

How might Cormier admission on the off chance that he didn't need to deplete himself to get down to 205 pounds, a circumstance which deteriorated as the years went on? Less a major weight cut, and with the heavyweight punch control that took out Miocic, we may have a radical new ballgame if DC and Jones clash.Of course, we still can't seem to address the obvious issue at hand with both Lesnar and Jones: Both have crossed paths with USADA's PED trying system. Lesnar tried positive for prohibited substances after his UFC 200 triumph over Mark Hunt. He should take an interest in the USADA irregular testing pool for a half year and finish his suspension before he's qualified to battle once more, which implies he won't be qualified to battle until January. Jones is still under suspension because of his positive test after the previous summer's Cormier battle, and still watches for news from USADA on his last discipline.

So where might Cormier turn if neither Lesnar nor Jones were accessible? A Miocic rematch appears the following best choice. While it will be for a moment before pay-per-see figures come in, UFC 226 completed an entryway of simply finished $5.6 million, making it the ninth-greatest MMA door ever in Las Vegas, demonstrating strong open intrigue.

After Miocic, things drop off fast, which is terrible news for different contenders in the two divisions. Cormier crushed best light heavyweight challenger Alexander Gustafsson through split choice at UFC 192, a match which was a masterful achievement yet a bomb in the cinematic world. Heavyweight, past Miocic, highlights a gaggle of contenders who aren't exactly prepared yet, finished the slope, or on the sidelines because of damage or suspension.

Which is the reason, by the day's end, Cormier couldn't care less much what you consider regardless of whether Lesnar is the genuine article.

"Brock Lesnar is the champion of the WWE," Cormier said. "Along these lines, when he comes here, there's no content. There's no Vince McMahon saying, 'Hello DC, simple on the punches.' … The minute Brock Lesnar punches me, I'm going to get in his can. What's more, we're going to make them keep running over that Octagon like a great deal of different fellows did. So he can be huge and awful and extreme at the present time. Be that as it may, once that enclosure entryway shuts, he's going to need to respond in due order regarding his words."

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