Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Man calls the cops after hard foul at pickup ball game

   Several years ago, I took an elbow in a friendly basketball game and had my tooth pushed through my upper lip. After checking to make sure I still had all my chiclets in place, I looked back and saw that the perpetrator had called the foul on me.

There I was, making my way to the locker room to find some ice for my busted lip when I realized that my face had apparently fouled his elbow. I was pretty pissed off — but the last thing that I considered doing was placing a call to the police.

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for one particular amateur basketball player, who reportedly called the authorities over a hard foul.

Yes, you read that correctly.The man in black, seen through the window standing next to the police officer, is apparently the guy who called the cops, according to Twitter user @_togs. The man with his hands on his hips is reportedly the one who committed the assault: a hard screen that apparently knocked the victim onto his butt.The officer, who quickly realized this was a waste of his time, didn’t place any charges. He apparently heard there was a fight at the gym and was likely shocked to see it was just a basketball player whose feelings were hurt.

As @liberiansoul captured in another tweet, this call was certainly a first for the officer.

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