Wednesday, July 18, 2018

IPOB Calls For Boycott Of 2019 Elections, Says No Coalition Can Stop Buhari From Winning

Image result for IPOB Calls For Boycott Of 2019 Elections, Says No Coalition Can Stop Buhari From Winning     The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) yesterday said that even one million gatherings/parties coalition against APC or President Muhammad Buhari won't prevent him from winning the 2019 race.

The gathering said that the coalition of APC, INEC, Army, Civil Defense and Police were more lethal than any coalition however approached the Biafrans, Middle belt and every one of the Southerners to blacklist the 2019 races.

The Media and Publicity Secretary of IPOB, Emma Powerful in an announcement said that IPOB were completely mindful that electioneering has never evacuated "a domineering tyranny" ever of world, just taught famous obstruction have.

Great noticed that there is no better, more obviously characterized obstruction, than that being offered by IPOB at this exact minute which is Self assurance which he said is the answer for every one of the ills upsetting Nigeria.

He stated: "If the resistance like let them unite 1 million gatherings to shape a coalition against APC , 'Buhari' or whosoever is bearing his name will at present win without a doubt. This is on account of the coalition of APC, INEC, armed force, common protection and police is more dangerous than any coalition. The best alternative is to blacklist the race, the dread of which will compel them to delicate pedal.""We IPOB are requesting blacklist of every single Nigerian decision in 2019 in Biafraland, Middle Belt and whatever remains of Southern Nigeria as the best way to spare lives, end all anguish in the land and settle in peace and solidarity".

On the Ekiti governorship decision, Powerful stated: " Those sufficiently sad to have seen the shocking act that go as Ekiti State governorship race throughout the end of the week, would no uncertainty at this point have gone to the full acknowledgment that lone an aggregate and finish blacklist of races in Nigeria has the remotest possibility of setting the poor masses free"

"For anyone to portray the discretionary move of disgrace at Ekiti as "free and reasonable races" implies that Nigeria is yet to build up a considerable feeling of comprehension of what law based decisions is intended to be.

This particular occasion at Ekiti has demonstrated IPOB right once more, that voting in Nigeria inside the present political course of action is totally futile and counter gainful and no measure of coalition against APC would work "."Under the current discretionary conditions in Nigeria, a PVC has transmuted from an apparently intense question of flexibility to one of servitude. IPOB overall along these lines wish to rehash completely and for reasons for lucidity that it would blacklist all decisions in Nigeria come 2019.Presidential races one year from now will manage the cost of IPOB a chance to show our cast press assurance to set Biafra free by thoroughly closing down South East and South".

"Anyone crusading, looking for or wanting to get IPOB to take an interest in any race is squandering their chance. It has been built up certain that PVC in Nigeria, as by and by proposed, is a device of oppression which IPOB can never be a gathering to.Should different parts of Nigeria wish to keep living trying to claim ignorance and continue taking an interest in what is basically a composed misrepresentation, at that point they are welcome to do as such. South East and South won't vote.

"By going out to vote, rather than requesting their flexibility, the majority are just helping dictators legitimize fixing and discretionary misrepresentation. What individuals are doing by voting is enthusiastically and legitimately reestablishing their agony and enduring like clockwork."

"We IPOB see more than most that lone self assurance for every ethnic nationality in Nigeria can ensure, peace, opportunity and the much vaunted solidarity.

Just self assurance through submission can convey a conclusion to the interminable cycle of decimation, ethnic purifying, Islamisation, culpability and hardship"."Unfortunately some South-East, South and Middle Belt pioneers are as yet pursuing rats by arguing for more states and actually asking for rebuilding, while their house is ablaze. Rather than them to strongly announce that there will be no race without a submission come 2019, they are caught up with rehashing the mix-ups of the past."

"There is no chance to get out yet for all Southern Nigeria and Middle Belt to on the whole hold fast, disregard N4,000 per PVC as occurred in Ekiti State and join IPOB to require a submission before any presidential race can be held.

"Just this approach will yield a positive result. Whatever else will bring about the expansion of this coldblooded savage administration for an additional four years. Toward the finish of which there will be no indigenous Middle Belt populaces left", Powerful expressed.

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