Wednesday, July 25, 2018


Image result for “I SLEEP WITH COWS BECAUSE GIRLS CAN GIVE ME HIV” – MAN CAUGHT SLEEPING WITH A COW CONFESSES    A man evaded lynching in Bahati, Nakuru, Kenya, on Wednesday after a crowd addressed him for savagery.

John Mwaura, 29, was purportedly gotten pants down after he sneaked in the compound to take part in the unnatural demonstration with a neighbor's cow.On being squeezed by local people, the single man admitted to having conferred the demonstration saying this was the fifth cow he had greeted sexually. "It isn't my first time. I have engaged in sexual relations with four different bovines in Ndunduri and Wanyororo. I am arguing for benevolence," he said.

The proprietor, who had gone to the homestead to reap her yields, returned and found the man hurdling up his combine of pants. The lady slipped on him with blows, stones, and sticks, abandoning him with basic wounds.

"Try not to murder me… let me surrender my land parcel to pay for the cow," Mwaura said. "I generally engage in sexual relations with the bovine at whatever point I feel like since I fear young ladies may contaminate me with HIV."

The man additionally said he isn't hitched including that he was overpowered by the inclination to have intercourse. On Thursday, He conceded to the offense in court before Nakuru Chief Magistrate Josephat Kalo The case will be specified again on July 26, 2018.

A man in Bahati, Nakuru County on Wednesday, July 18, left the tongues of a horde baying for his blood swaying after he straightforwardly admitted tohave occupied with unnatural acts with no less than five bovines.

John Mwaura was actually gotten pants down with his neighbor's dairy animals after he stealthy picked up his way inside a homestead to extinguish his desire'.

The story was shared by Chalz who composed;

'Nakuru man offers real estate parcel subsequent to being found mounting neighbor's dairy animals

Mwaura said he was desolate and extremely needed to extinguish his inclination

He admitted the dairy animals he was gotten with was the fifth he had mounted

To keep the neighbors from murdering him, he requested absolution and furthermore offered his property as remuneration

Police interceded and saved him from the fierceness of his informers

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