Friday, July 27, 2018

BREAKING: Tension as shooters kill Imo APC administrator

Image result for BREAKING: Tension as gunmen murder Imo APC chairman    Shooters suspected to be professional killers in the early long periods of Friday killed, Sunny Ejiagwu, the All Progressives Congress executive in Ideato North Local Government of Imo state.

Ejiagwu, famously known as Ohaneze was one of the 27 LGAs executives introduced on Monday by the new state administrator, Daniel Nwafor, after the state APC rescheduled decision as requested by the court.The state official of police, Dasuki Galandanchi, who affirmed the murder to our reporter in a phone discussion, said that the cadaver had been emptied to an adjacent funeral home.

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As per the CP, the legislator was slaughtered along the Akokwa street in the Ideato North LGA .

The CP said "the APC director in Ideato North has been killed. I was at the scene of the wrongdoing and just returned. His body has been emptied to a funeral home.

There is no fundamental doubt yet the examiner would discover. The blood of the blameless would uncover them."

Instructions newsmen at the state party secretariat, APC state director, Nwafor, said that the slaughtering was condemnable.

He said that political killings and viciousness has no place in a majority rules system.

Nwafor said; "The executing is condemnable on the grounds that APC lectures peace and political resilience. Individuals should rehearse legislative issues without intensity and violence.The constitution of the government republic of Nigeria ensures flexibility of affiliation.

We, in this manner, approach the Inspector General of police to push on the magistrate of police to catch the guilty parties. Imo is a quiet state and a case of how legislative issues ought to be played.

The perished was in our gathering on Thursday and he communicated worry about political savagery in his general vicinity. He disclosed to us that his territory is unpredictable and approached us to act the hero when the need emerges.

From the data made accessible to me, he was betrayed and when he endeavored to move back he fell into the drain. His executioners went there and shot him seriously. "

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