Wednesday, July 25, 2018

BREAKING!! Mbaka Attacks Buhari: 'This Is Just Kindergarten, Your Administration Is Demonocracy'

Image result for BREAKING!! Mbaka Attacks Buhari: ‘This Is Just Kindergarten, Your Administration Is Demonocracy’    Father Mbaka keeps on assaulting Buhari's legislature.

I am as of now tuning in to Mbaka's live Wednesday E No Dey Programme.Here are a portion of the things he said… .

1. Soon after his last week prescience of fiasco coming,senators began decamping.According to him,this is only the kindergarten.

2. He said paradise isn't content with Buhari.He said for what reason should the blood of a cleric be spilled in Benue and the president who is intended to make up for it has done that.Mbaka said God isn't content with Buhari.

3. Talking further,he glared for what reason should a few networks in Plateau be guaranteed by Fulani herders.

4.He portrayed the organization as demonocracy not majority rule government.

5.He additionally said that numerous individuals who worked for Buhari has not been rewarded.He said soon Buhari won't rest once more.

6. He asked Buhari where is the change he promised.According to him,no change has been seen.

7. He additionally said those placing Nigerians in hardship will be prepared to confront more catastrophes and fire.

8. Talking further,he said before Yaradua set out to Saudi Arabia and died,he forecasted it,before Jonathan moved toward becoming president he said it,before Jonathan lost he said it and furthermore said that Buhari will win.He was additionally informed that if Buhari fouls up he will be guided by God to reveal to him.He expressed how he told Gov. Ugwuanyi years back when he met him at a conference service that he will be legislative leader of Enugu state.

9. Paradise is viewing Buhari with whistle.The shriek has be blown

10. God will convey Nigeria

11. The organization is domineering

12. With respect to the absconded senators,they are coming to annihilate Nigeria more

More to come.I am as yet tuning in to the message

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