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Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoor      BIAFRA IS OUR HOME, OGONI ELDERS REAFFIRM

There have been many assertions and perceptions as to whether or not Ogoni people are Biafrans, and if Biafra Referendum is conducted today will Ogoni people vote for Biafra?
Well, as a true son of Ogoni and a bonafide citizen of Biafra, let me update you with my findings so far.

First of all, Biafra originated from the west coast of the old eastern region
It will interest you to note that those who signed the Biafra trade agreement in the 18th century were all from the coast namely,......
Chief Reuben Nkane,
Chief Dappa Biriye
Chief Ogoloma Ogan in 1836.
However, distortion of history has made some of us deny our identity.


Meeting with the paramount ruler of Gokhana kingdom, a veteran of the Biafran army name withheld, took time and recounted his experiences in the genocidal war against Biafrans from 1967-1970. He stated that Biafra was never for Igbos alone. In his words, "Biafra is our home. We fought for it, we fought vehemently for that nation. I and my elder brother fought under 8th battalion second division Biafran army. My father was a commander of the biggest training camp in the second division Nesuru, Umuekwe. In the Biafran army, he was the only one General Ojukwu permitted to form a special force in Biafra, so it pains me when people talk about Biafra as if it is an Igbo thing".

At this point, I was just looking in awe of the revelations, but to my greatest amazement there were bunkers within the area which were used to fight for Biafra right there in Ogoniland.
But he, however lamented that when the roles are called for Biafra heroes today, the contribution of the Ogonis are not recognized.
He further lamented that the balkanization of our region is the real reason for the continual suffering of the people of Biafra, stating that if region was united, the Nigerian government would not have killed Ken Saro Wiwa and eight others some years ago, adding that unity is something we must

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