Tuesday, July 31, 2018

A 30-yr-old man rapes, sodomizes 10-yr-old girl in Lagos state

Image result for 30-yr-old man rapes, sodomises 10-yr-old girl in Lagos    Lagos—The Police, yesterday, summoned a 30-year-old man, Goddy Inyama, who supposedly debased a 10-year-old young lady by assaulting her through the rear-end and vagina, under the steady gaze of an Ajegunle Magistrate's Court in Lagos. The respondent, who argued not blameworthy to the offense, is confronting a three-tally charge of unlawful sex, unlawful contacting of bosom and infiltrating the butt. Iyama, who lives on Sogbesan Street, Ajegunle, in Apapa zone of Lagos was docked before Magistrate O. M. Ajayi. The prosecutor, Inspector Augustine Ejembi, told the court that the respondent unlawfully and sexually contacted a 10-year-old young lady in her vagina. He said the episode happened on May 6 at 7p.m. Ejembi stated: "Inyama sexually entered the rear-end, vagina and different parts of the casualty's body. "He engaged in sexual relations with the young lady through her rear-end and vagina and furthermore contacted her sexually without her assent." Ejembi said the offenses are Punishable Under Sections 263 (1), 261 and 137, of the Criminal Laws of Lagos State, 2015. The litigant argued not liable to the charge favored against him. Judge Ajayi conceded him safeguard in the entirety of N500,000, with two sureties in like aggregate. She said one of the sureties must be a blood connection, who is productively utilized and should not be on not as much as Grade Level 14. The case was suspended till September 20 for DPP's recommendation.

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