Sunday, July 29, 2018

27 Secondary School Students Confirmed Pregnant by Sugar Daddies – (PHOTOS)

Image result for 27 Secondary School Students Confirmed Pregnant by Sugar Daddies – (PHOTOS)     Training NEWS – The wrongdoing report as Limpopo's instruction office says it is worried that 27 students have been affirmed to be pregnant at one optional school close Polokwane in South Africa.

The understudies have faulted "blessers" (sugar daddies) for being in charge of around 30 pregnant young ladies at their school so far this year.

Fourteen of the pregnant students at Molautsi Secondary School at Blood River are in Grade 12.

Division representative Sam Makondo said the high rate of pregnancies was stressing. "It says to us that we should‚ every one of us as different partners in education‚ assume an aggregate liability to raise more mindfulness inside and outside our schools to keep more students from this situation‚" he said."We figure together we can have the important effect and our students will have the capacity to remain in school‚ concentrating on their instruction and nothing else‚" he included.

In a meeting with the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC)‚ one of the pregnant pupils‚ who talked on a state of anonymity‚ said she knew about the results of unprotected sex. She stated that falling pregnant had not influenced her examinations.

"I have passed my mid-year exams… I was instructed about issues of (sex) training at school. I knew everything – I simply chose not to anticipate. My mother took me to the center to avoid and after that I chose to do it my own particular way‚" she said.

The school's appointee principal‚ Joseph Phaleng‚ said an absence of parental direction and substance manhandle added to the rate of high schooler pregnancy.

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